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Traditional dances were not as popular, in fact the was quite diminished during this era. I also think that Shannon really hits the target when he described the individual of the twenties.

Women were declared the right to vote, their styles changed, they began doing other jobs such as doctors, bankers, lawyers, and other different jobs which were usually reserved for men.

Radio networks like CBS and NBC became a major industry, changing the way the country received news, music, sports, entertainment, and national advertising.

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When traveling long distances, they often found it difficult to find lodging or rest rooms, stopping at campsites and then small tourist cabins, since motels as we know them today did not exist. The movement was led by people of different groups comprising teachers, political leaders, labor leaders, religious leaders, journalists, from both genders.

In particular, the 18th Amendment prohibited the making or selling of alcoholic drinks in the United States.

The Impact of The 1920’s – History Essay

Moreover, it focused on providing solutions to the issues raised by urbanization and industrialization, as discussed above. Radio brought about changes in new and family entertainment. The automobile became the backbone of the American economy. They portrayed the miserable working conditions of poor and exploitations of large industries along with issues of concentration of wealth.

With varying nature and wider in scope, Progressivism concentrated on providing effective tools to build trust of people in government and business organizations. No respectable middle class women would have attended any of these places a generation before. Flappers had a scandalous image that raised many eyebrows and caused much disturbance amongst those in society.

He proclaims that Americans, especially the newer generation, had lost their reverence for religion. New inventions, new advancements, and new discoveries helped make life better in America.

The 1920s: A New Era in American History Essay

It had significant influence on cultural and social life of America. They were limited to the things they could do and were forced to obey man's orders. Mass production of automobiles and the urbanization of America also led to a new culture and a whole new way of organizing cities, towns, and markets as cars made it possible for millions to live in suburbs, some with their own shopping centers.

The Harlem Renaissance was a time period which had a huge influence across America and even around the world. The evolution the new sexual woman had come about and in collaboration with the new black-influenced music, jazz, the flapper was created.

Besides speakeasies, the American population came up with different kind of ways to get around the 18th Amendment, such as putting alcohol in hot water bottles, coconut shells, garden hoses, and other unique things to get alcohol. At the end of first phase of Progressive movement ranging from tothe election of was fought by contenders with Progressive approach having varied goals from different labor issues to problems at political as well as social level.

With an annual income over million dollars, Al Capone became the real ruler of Chicago with private army of nearly a thousand thugs equipped with machine guns Callaghan, Among prominent ladies were Lucy Burns- an advocate of women's rights, and Jane Adams- a social worker and first women winner of the Noble Peace Prize.

Here they targeted those set free after the American Civil War — the African Americans, which they have never considered as being free and terrorised Africa American families based in the South.

Jazz and the Movies The s witnessed the rapid development of the motion picture industry, especially in Hollywood.

The industry provided an economic underpinning for cities like Akron and Detroit. Motorists faced frequent mechanical breakdowns, flat tires, and getting stuck in mud holes.

Flappers of the Roaring 20s

By the end of the s prohibition was regarded by most Americans as half scandal, half joke. Hundreds of thousands of African Americans started migrating to the northern cities. For example, Shannon discuss the finances and the economical situation of the United States during a time that had proceeded World War I.

The focus was no longer on the middle-aged group in society, but rather on the younger group that was setting new trends for their nation and the rest of the world.

The United States of America has had its ups and its downs over the past few centuries. One high point in our American history is the era. This time period was full of prosperous and blissful citizens. The economy, being exceptionally strong after World War I, contributed to the wealth and happiness of many Americans during this time period.

Style and Fashion of the 's: Essay The Roaring 20’s was a time of fashion. New styles and trends were emerging all the time. Flappers were the trendy young women of the time while sheiks were the fashionable young men of the time. The Great Gatsby Essay.

Twenties Brother The era known as the Roaring Twenties was a time of immense joy, opportunity and prosperity. Unfortunately, the ’s was also a period where greed, corruption and organized crime took a firm foothold. The exuberant happiness of the time was only trumped by its gap between the rich and the poor.

Arguably, the flappers of the s were kind of a beginning of another change in the life of women. There was a surplus of women in Britain; this was caused by the loss of many men to the war. In this era women was done with their old way of lifestyle. The ’s was the heroic era of American Sports.

A heightened interest in sports started growing in the public a sudden emergence for them was arose.

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The s Essay How does the role of In ’s culture changes includes nightclubs that sold liquor in violation of prohibition which lead to large profits for the owners of this.

The Great Gatsby, The s, and a Drifting Era The decade of the s was a transitional, restless era. Moral values were changed dramatically after the first World War, creating a time in which people were adrift, wandering through life, and wondering what was in their future.

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