Family struggles in victor e villaseors story rain of gold

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Rain of Gold Summary

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Villaseñor, Victor 1940–

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Victor Villasenor weaves the words of his family story into a vibrant cloth of passion, pain, faith, strength, love and adversity. A tapestry of brilliant color and bold design, velvet thread and magnificent warmth, I found myself wrapped in /5(). Rain of gold. [Victor Villaseñor] -- The non-fiction saga of Victor Villasenor's own family.

It is the Hispanic Roots, an all-American story of poverty, immigration, struggle. A daring memoir of love, magic, adventure, and miracles, Victor Villaseñor's Thirteen Senses continues the exhilarating family saga that began in the widely acclaimed bestseller Rain of Gold, delivering a stunning story of passion, family, and the forgotten mystical senses that stir within us all/5(75).

Rain of Gold drew one in by giving many ways of connecting to its pages. It contained bootlegging, the struggles Mexicans face in the U.S, violence, words of wisdom, religion, and of course: love.

Family struggles in victor e villaseors story rain of gold
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