My pet parrot essay

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Essay On My Pet Bird

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Essay On My Pet Peacock

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Paragraph "My pet bird" I am Khayrul. I am a student. I have a pet bird. It is a parrot. I call it Mumu. On my birthday my father presented it to me. My father bought it from a bird shop. It is very beautiful to look at. It has a red beak, a long tail and green feathers.

It jumps into the tub so that it's wings get wet. In my school they gave project that write a essay on parrot in Hindi and this is so helpful my pet parrot essay in hindi, english,, Translation, human translation, automatic Shipping on Sleek & Sassy™ All Natural Pet Parrot Food & on my pet parrot in hindi.

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Parrots as Pets - African Grey Parrot

The parrot is a very beautiful. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Topics in gujarati bird club my essay on parrot.

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My pet parrot essay
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